Negotiation class 1

Welcome to my WordPress! My name is Aïssatou (or Aïss, even Mané sometimes haha!) and this is the first time I write an article on this wonderful website called WordPress. First things first, let me introduce myself (a little bit, don’t worry). I’m a 20 year-old management and international business student at the French university Paris-Sorbonne and I’ve been studying there for 4 years now (I knoooow…). My negotiation teacher asked the other students and I to keep a diary about what we’ve done in class. And that’s exactly what I’m about to do now.

3 hours of class, between 3.30 and 6.30pm isn’t easy of course. But I knew I would get used to it easily because the class seemed very interesting, and it was! Thanks to Mrs Dutriaux’s PowerPoint where she explained theoretical aspects, I could figure out what the key aim of the course was : being able to negotiate with diplomacy yet strength. At first sight, I felt like I would do well but I quickly realised it wouldn’t be as easy as I thought. Indeed, negotiation requires a lot of skills, from intelligence to self-control.

The first role play was the ‘2-Dollar game’. 2 people had to decide how they would split the 2 dollars they found together but, at the same time, each of them must try to earn the biggest amount they possibly could. Within the allotted time, Mounir and I didn’t manage to make a deal. I discovered later that we could have used some tools to avoid this situation. One of them is to have a win-win approach, that is to say to look out for your interests but also for the other’s ones. Another really important one is to have what is called a BATNA – Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement.

The second role play was another ‘2-Dollar game’. I was with Genny this time but we had to play specific characters the teacher wanted us to be. This exercice really disturbed me because as we couldn’t be ourselves, I didn’t have the occasion to direct the negotiation where I wanted which lead it to a complete failure! Genny and I were so stubborn that a balance of power created itself during the first seconds of the negotiation. But again, I noticed my mistakes and was able to identify my main weakness when it comes to reach a compromise: I want to be the one and only leader of the negotiation. I hope I will be able to correct that for the next class…

See you! xx